POLISHOPA Design Thinking Conference Bydgoszcz 2016 (22-25 June 2016) was again the conference with an international dimension. In addition to the conference part, POLISHOPA also included workshop days for those who – in addition to theoretical knowledge – wanted to try their hand at design work with the methodology.

We moved people! We wanted to revolutionize their approach to work, acting and thinking. We showed that it can be different, that you can make and change everything. Regardless of the degree of knowledge, because the topics of the presentations were adapted for both beginners and those more advanced design thinkers. About the revolution by design thinking, among others, talked Federico Lozano (Norwegian University of Science & Technology), Marcin Piotrowski (Play) and Beverly Ingle (University of North Texas).

After the first dose of reliable knowledge about the basics of design thinking, it was the time to show what’s revealing is the very methodology. We checked what it can change in many areas of life, whether it is the kind of discovery or innovation? And if so … how to implement it? Who have helped? About this spoke Krzysztof Sadowski (T Komp), Tomasz Zaboklicki (PESA Bydgoszcz SA) and Iwona Szatkowska (Central Computer Centre, Warsaw)

The challenge for those who simply can’™t wait to personally deal with the DT practice. Those interested in working under the supervision of outstanding specialists and trainers who have devoted their professional lives methodology and design issues. In the 2016 edition, the workshop was attended by 25 people.

More details on our blog (Polish only): http://designthinking.innpoland.pl/128225,7-polishopa-desing-thinking-conference-bydgoszcz-2016-relacja

Empathy Is Old News: Why Design Thinkers Need to Dig Deeper?
Federico Lozano

What is Design Thinking?
Matthew Lynch

SHOPA -“ Three years of design thinking
Radek Ratajczak, Piotr Szewczykowski

Kids in the supermarket -“ how Play was developing Junior Box offer?
Michał Piotrowski

DiamonDT as a challenge for European educational system
Cezary Graul (SHOPA), Dorota Bociąga (DT4U), Alex Utne (DT Lab)

Social designing with design thinking
Marta Grochowska (FUZERS)

Creative confidence thanks to design thinking
K.Gliszczyńska, S. Kapela

User experience in service of non-profit projects

Innowacje to nie aplikacje
A. Skowrońska (Laboratorium innowacji)

O uczeniu się ponosząc porażki
Bartosz Balewski (Google)

Wizualne zarządzanie informacją – praktyczne wykorzystanie DT w T Kom
K. Sadowski

Design Thinking as a tool for business creation
Matt Lynch

Innowacja i design
Tomasz Zaboklicki








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