Adam Radziszewski

Inovalon/prior ORACLE

Adam is a dynamic, results-driven innovation leader with extensive experience in enterprise innovation practice building and fostering creative and collaborative organizational cultures. Prior to Inovalon, Adam was a founding member of Oracle FUEL, a strategic design thinking group responsible for ‘activating’ new clients. He is a Design Thinking and Creativity coach, a practitioner of Behavioral Economics and Experimental Design, and a product development UX lead. 

Adam delivers Innovation and Design Thinking workshops globally and has been applying Design Thinking and Creativity to solve clients’ business problems resulting in product, service and business model innovations. As part of his innovation consulting firm (, Adam has been exercising Design Strategy across a diverse market of industry leaders in Technology, Insurance, Education, Healthcare, and Beauty. 

Topic: Jobs-To-Be-Done: The Art of Problem Reframing 

Description: As Theodore Levitt said, “people do not want a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter inch hole.” Yet many companies innovate by trying to improve their existing products and services (creating a better quarter-inch drill) instead of trying to find better ways to create a quarter-inch hole (to get the real job done). Jobs-To-Be-Done is a concept of identifying customer needs (pains and gains), which are often not explicitly stated. When we spend time to immerse ourselves in our customers and their environments, explore existing problem workarounds, and conduct insightful customer conversations, we pave the way for stronger design effects. In this session, you will learn how understanding emotional, personal, and social Jobs-To-Be-Done increases the odds of making customer lives easier via outstanding solution experiences. You will also practice two simple customer interview techniques that will help you re-frame your present perception of the customer problems, and lead to more meaningful results.