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Design Thinking

POLISHOPA Design Thinking Conference is the biggest platform in Poland of enthusiasts and practitioners of the Design Thinking methodology.
The conference will give you a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge in the such field as Design Thinking, Service Design and innovation. During speeches, the specialists will talk about their experiences, challenges and perspectives of working with the Design Thinking.

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september 2022

First-round ticket sales are underway (prizes).

12.09 or 13.09
1 + 2 days of conference
regular prize 850 
12.09 or 13.09
1 or 2 day of conference
regular prize 510 
Workshops More info soon!


We invite an international group of speakers to POLISHOPA. They include practitioners, experts and specialists in the field of design thinking, service design, user experience, employer branding, both from Poland and around the world. The participants will get presentations based on inspiring case-studies, modern solutions and good practices.


Radosław Ratajczak

Radosław Ratajczak – expert and serial design thinker. A big fan of this methodology as a way of creating innovation. He has experience in designing products and services using human-centered design methodologies, in particular design thinking and service design. A graduate of the Top 500 Innovators Program – an internship at Stanford University. Strategist. Innovator. The founder and for 10 years the director of the Academic Incubators of Entrepreneurship in Bydgoszcz. Former director of the Regional Innovation Center – Technology Transfer Center of the University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz. He is passionate about business strategies, academic entrepreneurship, and the transfer of knowledge and technology from science to business. Advocate of the principle of “less is more”.


Hochland Polska

Emilia Mochort

Emilia Mochort – process and product designer. Enthusiast of design thinking and future studies. A commodity expert and psychologist by education. On a daily basis, responsable for projects in a large FMCG company.

Title: How to #hack the boring cheese category?
A story about new product development starting from design thinking workshop to product implementation to the market. 



Łukasz Hardek

Łukasz Hardek – Customer Success Coordinator in THULIUM.  

For over 13 years associated with the Internet industry, 7 of which in companies offering services in the SAAS model. Currently, he’s a Customer Success Manager at THULIUM, which has one of the best customer service support tools on the market, where he is responsible for the development of existing customers and support for the Service Department. Privately, a father, a faithful fan of B-class horror movies and Spanish Netflix series. He dances (not too often), sings (too often), recites, gets dirty, cleans and cooks.

Greenhat Innovation

Paula Fogt

Paula Fogt – Future Strategist, Service and Experience Designer in Greenhat Innovation. Lecturer at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in the field of Future Design and Service Design, mentor in the second edition of the Design Mentorship program with a wide range of interests in the field of trend analysis, design and innovation strategy.

Trained as a Service Designer, Digital UX Designer and landscape architect. Member of the FutureS Thinking Group project team founded by 360Inspiration and Greenhat. In her projects, she focuses on understanding the needs and motivations of users as well as on the analysis of signals of change, which later turns into practical business solutions.

 She has completed projects in cooperation with such organizations as: Happy Color, Historyland, Allegro, PZU, OLX Praca, Rossmann, Ministry of Finance, PFR / PARP, DELL Technologies, ING Bank. Co-author of “PROTOTYPING 2040 – The Futures Thinking Book”.

Fundacja Dobra Porażka

Jarosław Łojewski

He founded the first company producing games for Atari computers in 1991. Then there was another game company, a training company and… work in corporate IT. For years, as a coach and mentor, he has been supporting startups, training IT professionals, transferring startup approaches to corporations and knowledge acquired in corporations to startups. He supports entrepreneurs, among others in the acceleration programs of Incubator STARTER or Clipster and as an independent advisor. It helps to create or verify business models and processes and supports team building and development. Founder and defeatologist at the Fundacja Dobra Porażka, where he teaches how to draw conclusions from mistakes and failures in order to have a better chance of achieving success in the future.

Speech title: How to kill your startup before you fire it up?

Briefly about the speech:

The most common mistakes made by novice startup founders – from the product perspective
How do I find out if my business idea makes sense or if there REALLY will be customers?
How to learn and develop a business using mistakes and mistakes?

We are Circular

Piotr Nejman

Entrepreneur, advisor in the field of strategy, innovation development, digital transformation and intrapreneurship. He helps organizations and leaders to discover the opportunities created by hidden needs, challenges and technologies, and turn them into successful products, services and business models. An expert in the area of circular economy and sustainable development. Founder of We are Circular – a consulting company that supports companies in building better products and services, solving complex problems and building a culture of innovation. Founder of the Circular Poland Foundation – organization focused on providing comprehensive support for companies and the public sector in the field of circular economy and building an ecosystem of cooperation.


Aga Szóstek, Ph.D.

Aga Szóstek, Ph.D. is a strategic designer. For the past two decades, she worked at the forefront of combining design, technology, and business. She collaborated with brands such as Google, Philips, Canon, Samsung, EY, Santander, ING, Orange, and many more, bringing the experience-focused strategic approach to project teams and boardrooms. Her approach inspired many organisations to refocus and bet on experiences as their market differentiator.

Next to consulting, Aga writes about strategy, leadership, and innovation; designs tools aiming to support delivering unique experiences called Seed Cards; and co-hosts a podcast about creative leadership: Catching The Next Wave.

She graduated with her Ph.D. from the Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands, and teaches experience design all around the world. She is also a co-creator (in collaboration with the alternative design school from Denmark: Kaospilot) of a unique virtual learning experience: Become aimed for creative change agents who want to step up and lead in the emerging transformation economy.


Julie Pronzac

Julie is the Senior UX Designer leading design for Noona, a mobile application by Varian, used by cancer patients around the world to keep in touch with their hospital and take an active role in their treatment. She has started her career in France as a consultant in user experience and service design, helping teams from various fields adopting a user-centered mindset. In 2019, Julie joined Varian in Finland and the world of healthcare technologies. There, she has been helping the team adopt data-driven design practices and understand better patients’ usage and behavior.

Previous editions


Look, about our previous editions of conference

It’s been 8 years since the group of Design Thinking enthusiasts decided to share their knowledge and experience on annual conference.
If you want to know POLISHOPA history, see who was with us, and how the lectures looked like.


I came back inspired and motivated to work. On the way back, we had about 5 hours of really valuable brainstorming for various projects in the team. It happened to us for the first time after this type of conference.

Krzysztof Bogomaz


Speaking on POLISHOPA is great experience, ma dreams comes true!

Katarzyna Tereszkiewicz


There was a very interesting selection of speakers on this year. I have the impression that they are more precise and „penetrating”.

Agnieszka Pełka-Szajowska


Very well organized and beautiful location, I hope for the next edition!

Mito Mihelic


It’s my first time at the POLISHOPA, but I certainly know that not the last. Lots of case study, lots of inspiration and a huge dose of knowledge.

Edyta Paul


The 9th edition of POLISHOPA Conference will begin on September 12. In the face of a changing world, we’ll talk about human-centered design, the environment and current trends. There will also be knowledge about Design Thinking, User Experience, Service Design and innovation.

The theme of this edition is circular economy. This is one of the many important challenges faced by designers today. We will consider: how can we reduce the consumption of natural resources and energy, how to reduce the amount of waste, and how to design and use new biodegradable and recyclable materials. 

Framework conference schedule*:

September 12, 2022 (Monday)
9:00-16:00 lectures
16:00-00:00 additional attractions (networking, After Party)

September 13, 2022 (Tuesday)
9:00-15:30 lectures

*Systematically, the schedule will be supplemented with hours, speakers and topics of lectures. Stay tuned!


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