Come to POLISHOPA and discover Bydgoszcz!

Bydgoszcz is one of Poland’s largest cities, with a history dating back to the Middle Ages. It is here that the heart of the city is water, and historic architecture blends perfectly with modern buildings. The people of Bydgoszcz are alive with sporting excitement, a rich cultural offering, and enjoy spending their free time in the revitalised parts of the city.

Find out why it’s worth visiting us for a conference:
🌊 a city inextricably linked to water – the Brda River, the Bydgoszcz Canal, the Vistula and water sports,
📌 Mill Island is the beating heart of the city, surrounded by the Rother Mills and numerous museums,
📌 the spectacular Polish Central Post Office building, the Church of the Poor Clares, Emil Werkmeister’s tenement house, St. Andrew Bobola Church,
🌱 greenery, vegetation and the largest city park in Poland – Myślęcinek,
⛲️ Passing by the river, Potop fountain, pearls of Art Nouveau in Cieszkowskiego Street, ecological murals,
📌 Museum of Soap and the History of Dirt and the Exploseum, two extraordinary museums on the city map.

Not since today has Bydgoszcz been called Little Berlin or the Amsterdam of the East. The city’s architecture is truly stunning!


Save with the Bydgoszcz Tourist Card
The Bydgoszcz Tourist Card is a project implemented by the City of Bydgoszcz with the aim of making it easier for tourists to visit the city. It is a way to spend your free time in the city and its surroundings in an interesting and economical way. By purchasing the package, the tourist receives a number of free services and attractive discounts in gastronomic, cultural and entertainment facilities. The card is available in a mobile version, in a convenient and easy-to-use application.
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Water Tram Cruise
A cruise on the Brda River on the Bydgoszcz Water Tram is an unusual way to get to know the city. The tram runs daily until the end of September along two picturesque routes, one of which runs through the Staromiejska lock. There is an audioguide system on board, which accompanies tourists during the cruise in the form of commentary on passing objects.
more information about the cruises:

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