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We invite an international group of speakers to POLISHOPA. They include practitioners, experts and specialists in the field of design thinking, service design, user experience, employer branding, both from Poland and around the world. The participants will get presentations based on inspiring case-studies, modern solutions and good practices.

POLISHOPA Conference speakers:


Radosław Ratajczak

Radosław Ratajczak – expert and serial design thinker. A big fan of this methodology as a way of creating innovation. He has experience in designing products and services using human-centered design methodologies, in particular design thinking and service design. A graduate of the Top 500 Innovators Program – an internship at Stanford University. Strategist. Innovator. The founder and for 10 years the director of the Academic Incubators of Entrepreneurship in Bydgoszcz. Former director of the Regional Innovation Center – Technology Transfer Center of the University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz. He is passionate about business strategies, academic entrepreneurship, and the transfer of knowledge and technology from science to business. Advocate of the principle of “less is more”.


Pulinno sp. z o.o.

Przemysław Bonar

Przemysław Bonar – ACMA,CGMA.  Pulinno sp. z o.o.


Łukasz Hardek

Łukasz Hardek – Customer Success Manager in BaseLinker

For over 13 years associated with the Internet industry, 7 of which in companies offering services in the SAAS model. Currently, he’s a Customer Success Manager, which has one of the best customer service support tools on the market, where he is responsible for the development of existing customers and support for the Service Department. Privately, a father, a faithful fan of B-class horror movies and Spanish Netflix series. He dances (not too often), sings (too often), recites, gets dirty, cleans and cooks.

PKO Bank Polski

Agata Szczepanska-Jochemczyk

Sirector of the Quality Office in the Corporate Customer Division of PKO Bank Polski, she has been involved in improving the customer experience for 15 years, mainly in the financial industry.

ING Bank Śląski

Rafal Smuga

Data Analyst, Service Designer in ING BANK Slaski

We are Circular

Piotr Nejman

Entrepreneur, advisor in the field of strategy, innovation development, digital transformation and intrapreneurship. He helps organizations and leaders to discover the opportunities created by hidden needs, challenges and technologies, and turn them into successful products, services and business models. An expert in the area of circular economy and sustainable development. Founder of We are Circular – a consulting company that supports companies in building better products and services, solving complex problems and building a culture of innovation. Founder of the Circular Poland Foundation – organization focused on providing comprehensive support for companies and the public sector in the field of circular economy and building an ecosystem of cooperation.

Claritas Investments

Kasia Sobotka

An expert with extensive professional experience, she has been responsible for the implementation of innovation and electromobility projects, including, among others, the construction of fast charging infrastructure for electric vehicles at fuel stations at the largest fuel and energy company in the CEE region or the development of the electromobility market at a global electricity company.

She was responsible for the implementation of research and development projects, the implementation of innovative energy technologies and the development of the market for new technologies and the creation of guidelines. She is an expert of the European Commission in the evaluation of innovation projects within the framework programmes. She is currently implementing a project for the development of electric car charging infrastructure on the part of a private equity fund.

A graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology, RES|The School for Renewable Energy Science in Iceland and the TOP 500 Innovators Programme at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, she has won international awards including the International Partnership for Hydrogen Economy, the German Federal Environment Foundation – DBU and the Swedish Inistitute. Twice recognised by Forbes Woman in the TOP25 Women Worth Watching on LinkedIn. Winner of the Energy of Women competition organised by Microsoft & DISE. Passionate about new technologies, especially electric cars.


Piotr Wojciechowski

Founder (2015) of FUZERS, a consulting company supporting organisations that want to develop their business based on a better customer.
In this respect, he has implemented projects for IKEA, mBank, PKO BP, Grupa Pracuj, Credit Agricole Bank Polska, Fortum Power & Heat, PZU, T-Mobile, among others.
Accredited trainer in the area of service and experience design at the highest Master level.

ING Bank Śląski

Katarzyna Czapla

Katarzyna Czapla – service designer, mentor and team coach at the ESG Innovations Expert Center at ING Bank Śląski. Lecturer at SWPS University in the field of service design. On a daily basis, she supports teams in discovering the needs of stakeholders and translating them into valuable and unique solutions. He has experience in designing over 20 services in the area of ​​banking, e-commerce, insurance, retail and new technologies. For several years, she has been successfully implementing and scaling the culture of innovation and service design at ING. Author of the development program for service designers at ING, which was completed by over 40 people throughout the company. He likes to experiment and combine various approaches, such as design thinking, lean startup, futures thinking or the Google Design Sprint formula, to accelerate the process of designing and implementing services, and to base decisions on data (he likes to work with data science). He is guided by the principle: be curious, talk to people, connect the dots and remember about business.


Monika Drabczynska

Marketing and Design Lead

Mars Corporation

Bill Nesnidal

Bill Nesnidal is a Global User Centricity Senior Manager at Mars Corporation where he uses design thinking to foster strategic initiatives across the global business. Prior to Mars, Bill spent 8 years in the National Collegiate Athletics Association doing legal and fundraising work. Outside of the office, Bill lives in Chicago and has a passion for traveling, photography and crossfit.


Katarzyna Młynarczyk

Service designer, CEO of Sell a Service and co-owner of Socjomania.

Filip Makowiecki

His professional mission is to search for the most obvious solutions to the most unclear problems. As a designer, design strategist and moderator of #designthinking, he searched projects for 4 of the 5 largest banks in Poland, for the largest insurer in the country and for companies from industries as diverse as publishing, retail, pharma and education. He likes it best when the effects of his work live in the physical world – such as architectural projects from “Take the space” for Lafarge or the Delipop service for RRobotics.

He adheres to pragmatic methodological eclecticism – in design he started with participatory design, but he freely reaches for the elements of #servicedesign, #businessdesign, behavioral economics, and recently also #systemsthinking. Occasionally, he conducts Design Thinking moderator courses and teaches UX / CX subjects at universities. After hours, she translates books for young people, designs city games and escape rooms, and learns to chillax from the adopted Spacja dog.


Radoslaw Taraszka

Head of Design at Objectivity. He has been involved in design since 2009. Prior to that, he spent years with UXPin, Ideacto, Divante and Witflow.
After hours he rides gravel, creates and mixes sounds and prototypes natural building materials


It doesn’t matter what stage of the project you’re at now – stop and see if you’re going in the right direction.

Developing new products requires the ability to operate under high levels of uncertainty. We simply cannot wait until we have gathered all the necessary knowledge – business does not wait! That’s why all actions count! However, there is a risk in working on too many assumptions, and then:

– you might be working on the wrong problem

– you might be using the wrong data

– you might focus on the stakeholder perspective and (completely) ignore the users (we know you didn’t do this on purpose)

– you might end up with false hopes for the success of the project

We’ll talk about when it’s worth stopping, how to do it, what tools you can use and what value it will give to your project, team and business. We’ll probably admit to some mistakes also.

If you are wondering if you should stop in your project – you should have done it 3 steps ago 🙂


Dorota Klimczak

UX consultant and researcher with three years of experience. She has been working in the financial industry for several years. Believes that no good product or service can be created without research. Currently involved in designing digital strategy and user experience.


Paweł Konieczko

Leader of mBank’s UX/UI team. He has 13 years of experience in banking. Since 2018, she has been leading teams responsible for customer service and experience. The team she currently works in designs digital interfaces. She prepares mock-ups and prototypes of screens, content, maps customer paths. He conducts research and usability tests and develops system desing for retail banking.

Artur Brzyski

Doświadczony konsultant i menadżer. Zajmuje się strategią biznesową i zarządzaniem procesami projektowania produktów i usług. 15 lat temu odkrył Design Thinking i od tego czasu rozwija się wraz z rozwojem frameworków. Wdraża metodyczne podejście do discovery i delivery w zarządach i zespołach produktowych. Na codzień pracuje z dużymi korpo, labami, fintechami, firmami IT, producentami wszelkiej maści produktów oraz sieciami handlowymi. Z pasji zajmuje się tematyką miejską, wspiera lokalne NGO oraz próbuje pokazywać urzędnikom, że „niedasię” od „da się” dzieli tylko jedno spotkanie.

Maciej Bakalarczyk

Maciej Bakalarczyk – Manager of the Old Town and City Centre and member of the Aesthetics Council of the City of Bydgoszcz. On a daily basis, he supports the accumulation of entrepreneurial potential in the centre and facilitates interactions with authorities. Originator of, among other things, the only Jarmark on the Bridge in Poland. Entrepreneur in the language industry for two decades.


Paweł Żebrowski

Paweł Żebrowski – Chief Operating Officer at SHOPA Design and Strategy, trainer and methodologist in product and service design. Supports SmartCoders and Modino teams in product development, acquiring funding from public and private investors.


Wojtek Kułaga

Product Team Manager at InPost. He has been involved with mobile applications for 7 years, and for more than 4 years has been developing the InPost Mobile application, which has allowed millions of users to open Paczkomaty remotely.

PESA Bydgoszcz

Agnieszka Fujak

Bartosz Piotrowski

Wise People

Robert Szarata


Justyna Osuch-Mallett


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